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Our homes are a place to express our style and personality so we can feel happy and comfortable in our environment.

My mission is to create spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle as well as providing solutions that are resourceful and environmentally friendly.  

e-Design is a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional design services.

It’s perfect if you want the expertise, creative vision and direction for your space but you prefer to complete the transformation at your own pace & are happy to project manage yourself.

And, what’s more appealing is that the process is super simple! You provide information about your space and what you envision and we create a bespoke design plan that’s easy to follow, meets your needs and is bang on budget.

Because we want to make Interior Design accessible to all, we offer two bespoke packages and additional extras as set out below.

Sometimes it's difficult to reimagine a space when you've lived in it a while or when it's completely empty. At happy habitat we are always bursting with new ideas, we know what's on trend, we know what works, what doesn't and where to grab the best deals from. Our Living Space e-Design service offers a tailored design for any living space (living room, dining room, office, children's room etc...) where you get to view exactly what your space can look like before you implement the design. 

Bathroom and kitchen remodels can be an overwhelming project to take on for those who aren't trained designers. These technical designs require expertise and an understanding of the products required in order ensure functionality, style and proper use of space. At happy habitat we take pride in designing high end looking kitchens and bathrooms at a fraction of the cost by paying attention to the details and utilising an array of sophisticated high street suppliers. We can design your kitchen or bathroom with ease, allowing you to get on with what's most important to you.


Tereena Malaika Home office



The edesign package is perfect for saving you both time and money. 




Allow me to assist you in adding some finishing touches to give your home that special feel.



Take a step closer to creating the home of your dreams. From colour schemes to remodelling I will be there to support you every step of the way.



This is where I get to know you and discover exactly what your needs are! Weather we meet in person or virtually, this is your chance to tell me about your lifestyle, your visions, your inspiration and intentions for your space.




Once all details are confirmed, a unique concept board is created for you. This is a visual representation of how your space could look and feel, incorporating colour schemes, furniture, soft furnishings and any other elements discussed. 



Sourcing materials and finishes can be a very time consuming process—which is why it is nice to have someone do it for you! At this stage I will scour the internet, magazines, and specialty stores for items that fit your home and budget.



 This is the final stage where I combine inspiration, conception, furnishings and finishes together-Creating the space of your dreams to enhance happiness and comfort in your home as well as in life. 


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